Tube sights on Spitzer

By: David Winzelberg on February 29, 2008
Originally published by: LIBN

Boring? Yes, but only at 155 feet underground.

Jokes aside, the tunnel to connect Long Island with Westchester County proposed by Polimeni International actually seems like a pretty sound idea. (I didn’t say puns aside.)

The $10 billion mega-project came into focus during Michael Polimeni’s tunnel talk with members of the Long Island MidSuffolk Business Action group Friday. Vince didn’t have to say a word. The proud papa watched his son handle the pitch with polished Polimeni aplomb.

Polimeni hopes to put a lid over the northern portion of the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway, which will become parkland as part of the subterranean plan.

Former Suffolk County Executive Pat Halpin is a member of the tunnel development team. “There’s nothing greater that can be done to reduce pollution with very little environmental impact,” Halpin said.

Right now, the largest obstacles to getting the tunnel built isn’t loose sediment, but opposition from key local politicians, like Rye Mayor Steven Otis, who is worried about traffic congestion on his end of the tubes.

“We can’t get bogged down in micro arenas,” Michael Polimeni cautioned. “We have to have a statewide focus. The governor is the linchpin.”