Skyline Management

Skyline Management has successfully developed into a sophisticated, full-service property management organization, with vast experience in the field of commercial property management. Skyline Management has developed a refined and unmatched expertise in their field, including law, account and management technique. The financial matters of all cash accounts are executed by a certified public accountant. It is represented by a staff of skilled and experienced personnel, and by system applications and programs that have been developed over the years. The scale of our activities and depth of our expertise of our staff are equipped to meet the standards of excellence demanded by major developers and institutional owners. We deliver a level of service and attention to detail that an individual property owner cannot provide himself.

We assume responsibility for the physical operation and maintenance of the building, as well as its economic management with the goal of realizing its full potential for the owner. We establish budgets and handle accounting, billing and collection, payroll and taxes with an advanced computerized system, and deliver monthly, detailed financial reports. We provide property owners with a schedule of billing for rent and other charges, and handle delinquent accounts through appropriate legal action. We calculate escalations, compute building payrolls, and pay building employees. Owners’ monthly statements include on-line summaries for each tenant.

We are always concerned with the bottom line, which is consistent with the preservation of the owner’s investment, while operating the building at the highest standards of maintenance and efficiency; providing an environment where occupants can conduct their business, free from distractions.