Polimeni International

Polimeni International understands that commercial development knows no physical borders. The ability to uncover the best prospects in real estate requires vision that sees past your own backyard (and even national boundaries) to where real opportunities lie.

Presently, Polimeni International is on course in Central Europe, where growth is strong, democracy has taken hold, and hundreds of millions of people have an unquenchable thirst for Western goods and services.

Poland – A True Retail Opportunity

Polimeni International has selected Poland as the first country for overseas development. All the economic, political and social conditions necessary for large scale, broad-based retail development are in place. Numerous big-box retailers from Germany, France, England, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, and many other western countries have already recognized this fact. Among the compelling reasons for their interest in Poland are:

  • With 39 million people, Poland is the largest consumer market in Europe
  • Poland is the fastest growing country in Europe, and is among the top ten globally
  • Poland has an extremely low penetration of retail space (less than .5 square feet per person)